What is crypto currency?

Crypto currency virtual international currency. Which is available in many exchanges as Binance, Coin base, MXC, probit. You can purchase Crypto by your debit and credit cards it is totally safe.

Why you pay by Crypto Currency?

You all know that every gateway fees is very high they charge 10 to 15% on every transaction so if you pay by Crypto you do not have to pay transaction fees and we also give you 10% discount if you pay by crypto currency.

Which Crypto Currency is best to pay?

There are many crypto currencies but tron is very fast and minimum transaction fees around 0.1% so purchase tron and transfer to company tron address.

How do we send tron to company?

For example if you are purchasing 1yr package then you need to pay $120 and after discount of 10% the amount will be $108 you can transfer the amount direct to the company tron address. And transaction id.