Television was the sole source of entertainment in yesteryears. But, people, like you, often omitted on their daily dose of entertaining TV shows and cricket matches due to prior personal and professional commitments. Then, soon the trend of Internet Protocol Television spread among the masses missing the shows, cricket, and football matches became a thing of the past.

Therefore this blog-post, we list out the simplest IPTV for Windows that not only allow the users with IPTV subscriptions to observe their favorite shows but tons of exciting media content like videos on-demand, live TV, and an entire lot of other media content available over the web Protocol Networks.

The Best IPTV Players For Windows PC

Out of the plethora of options available currently, we’ve curated the simplest IPTV Players for Windows PC that turn your PC into a live TV. Here they’re.

1. Kodi

Kodi is another IPTV player for Windows desktop, although it’s known for its popularity as a media player application. you’ll install different sorts of officially approved add-ons which will assist you play video-on-demand (VoD) also as stream live TV. This software is compatible with all types of devices and operating platforms. you’ll use the below guide to use Kodi as an IPTV player:

  • Upon launching the software application on your PC, you’ll either prefer to play TV or Radio.
  • You can enter the URL then tap “OK” to stream the video.

2. Plex

This can even be considered to be among the simplest IPTV players for Windows, because it comes with a flowery interface and may transcode any media file. Hence, this player can provide buffer-free continuous streaming, which at the top of the day, are often considered to be an end-user experience-enhancing feature. Below are the foremost straightforward steps to use it.

  • Digitize the media reference to the assistance of varied software available online
  • Download and install Plex Media Server on your PC from its website
  • Now, signup on the server
  • Click on Launch and add your media on the server
  • Click on Save Changes and play the media.

3. VLC Media Player

You can stream IPTV into your VLC media player, which is one among the foremost common offline media players. The IPTV contents are streamed with the assistance of M3U files in VLC Media Player. it’s an easy interface . you’ll follow the below steps to stream IPTV in VLC media player:

  • Start the VLC media player application.
  • Navigate to the media section, followed by getting to open network streams.
  • Then paste the URL of the video or live television program and click on on the play button to play the video content.

4. OTT Player

OTT Player features during this list because it allows you to edit the channels, logos, and groups of the uploaded playlist directly from the user panel. additionally to the present , it also gives you the liberty to use your custom playlist. of these features make it one among the simplest IPTV players within the town. it might be great if you provides it a try. Below are the straightforward steps to use it.

  • Select your playlist and enter its name
  • Lastly, click on okay to confirm.

5. ProgDVB/ProgTV

This IPTV player for Windows are often considered another good option for streaming IPTV service on PC thanks to a number of its great features. you’ll download this app for free of charge from the official website of the corporate . With Prog TV, you’ll easily record live radio programs as there’s a singular picture-in-picture feature which will enable this function. you’ll follow the below steps to observe HD TV channels:

  • Input your URL and choose the channel.
  • Once you see the list of videos, you’ll plow ahead and choose the favourite video that you simply wish to observe .

6. Simple TV

This one among the simplest IPTV for Windows seamlessly streams recorded programs and live TV to devices like iPads, Web browsers, and TV’s having a Roku box connection. additionally to the present , it works well outside your home network and enables Slingbox-esque placeshifting. Although it charges $5 monthly for its high-end features, still it seems worth every penny. Here’s the point to use it as an IPTV player.

  • Tap on the TV icon
  • Again, right click and choose “load playlist”
  • Click on “load from m3u file”, then select the square visible on the highest right corner
  • Double click on the m3u playlist
  • Click on OK and cargo .
  • Select any channel from the list to play it.

7. My IPTV

You’ll watch live IPTV using this app by entering the link of the video to stream your most preferred channels, but there’s no direct IPTV service available on this application. The app are often protected with the assistance of a pin. Once you’ve got installed the appliance , you’ll follow the below steps to stream IPTV on your Windows PC:

  • Go to the settings of the app.
  • Upon the addition of a replacement playlist and selecting EPG Source, input the remote channel list name and also the remote source.
  • Then select your favorite channel and play it.

8. Free TV Player

This is another free IPTV player for PC, which may be wont to stream live TV channels, TV shows, Movies, and Internet Radio. This app are often downloaded from the Windows Store, which may be wont to upload the M3U playlist of your option to watch live TV channels. Following are the steps to observe IPTV:

  • Input the M3U playlist URL that’s given by the IPTV service provider.
  • You can then prefer to play your preferred live channel , once all the channels are loaded.

9. Perfect Player

This is perhaps one among the foremost preferred and best IPTV players for all the non-Apple users. it’s a simple to put in IPTV that allows you to access its functions regardless of whether you’re employing a smart phone, computer, or a traditional television receiver with digital to analog conversion capabilities. it’s support for 2 common playlist formats, namely M3U and XSPF. And, provides you an ultimate viewing experience. Here’s an easy guide to use the right Player as an IPTV.

  • Click on Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select Playlist
  • Enter the M3U URL received with the registration mail and click on on Next
  • Click on EPG
  • Enter the EPG M3U URL from the registration mail and click on on OK.

10. IPTV Smarters Pro

Although this is often available within the app version on Android and iOS devices, yet it are often used on the Windows PC with the assistance of Android emulator apps. you’ll use the below-mentioned steps to stream IPTV using the IPTV Smarters Pro app:

  • After installing Android emulator apps like Bluestack, you’ll use your Gmail account credentials to login to the Android emulator app.
  • Post this, attend Play Store and download the IPTV Smarters Pro app.
  • Once the app is installed on your PC, then launch the app.
  • Choose the “Add Playlist” option, followed by adding the URL.
  • Once you’ve got entered the Playlist URL and clicked on “OK,” select your live channel to observe it.