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This is the Best IPTV Reseller Panel

How to create a line for (VLC Media player, IPTV APP, Smart IPTV, IPTV Smarter)

The open panel goes to create a new line and put a difficult user id password and you can leave blank these fields The credentials will automatically generate. then go to manage lines click in-front of your created user down arrow then m3u with options select mpegts. copy this URL and use as per your application for any help regarding applications installation on device click on this link:

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How to use xtream-codes panel (mag box, STB Emulator)

We need a virtual mac address of device or STB emu to create accounts. Virtual Mac address starts as 00:1A:79.. …

Login your panel and go to Add new Mag device and create.

you need a portal URL for mac address devices

This portal you have to put into your device. for how to install mag device and how to install STB emulator click on this link