Here most of the users can ask about how we install Roku on IPTV. Roku is a media player app. I have a Roku app. Roku on the right side on my pc on left. If I have an IPTV test over here that is provided by I have an m3u link this is the link that is used in the m3u playlist link URL for IPTV services. I paste it on my browser i.e. google and now I download the complete file. Then I drag and drop into my USB. My USB is present here on the left side.

Roku is the best device

MIPTV services provider 9000 channels in the play link list. Now I wipe some channels on the list. Then you receive a list in text format. Sometime users will face an issue of flickering then they do not know how they solve the problem. If you are a user of the MIPTV service provider then Our customer support team will help you to solve this issue 24*7. Now I using my phone. Users will get top channels I have no idea with there. If you want to watch the channel of any country. MIPTV services provide more than forty country channels.

If you are using cable tv then you are watching the only limited channel on your tv. But here in the case of IPTV on Roku users will watch unlimited channels with VOD. You are connecting with MIPTV services. Then you receive a benefit from us. Evenly users will never face any issue in MIPTV services. They provide a free trial to the user in order to check MIPTV services for forty-eight hours. They will provide your URL. You simply go here and register yourself as a user of the MIPTV service provider. You will receive a mail on your inbox or the spam box.

How to configure IPTV on Roku

Now we discuss how you use IPTV on Roku. The user has to search for a playlist link player. After that, you have to g here in goto stream channels. After that, you can select channels according to your requirement. If you love sports, movies, serial anything. Another benefit you will get here that you select the package of any country. As compared to the market rate they provide you the best quality of service that is inexpensive. Evenly if you need any help to setup IPTV on Roku. Then you connect with the MIPTV customer support team they will help you 24*7.

Buy Roku Device

 Now you will add the m3u file of IPTV services. If you do not have you will buy from MIPTV  Now you will add m3u link then select save. It takes some time for loading channels on your device. You will restart your app and then select the playlist URL that you want to add.  I think you will follow all these processes. You are ready to watch the channel on your Roku box. If you still face any issue here  You will connect here our customer support team will help you how to setup IPTV on Roku click here for configuration

  • Search for M3U Playlist Player

  • Go to Streaming channels

  • Go to Search channels

  • And search for M3U Playlist player

  • And select M3u Playlist player

  • Click on Go to channels

  • Select New Playlist

  • Add your IPTV file m3u on Roku. If you don�t have an m3u file. You can buy from and press NEXT

  • Add here your M3U URL and press SAVE

  • 1. Wait for loading channels

  • 2.Restart your app and select the playlist you add

  • Now you are ready to watch channels on your Roku box

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