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Premium channels with the best quality:

MIPTV services have two types of package namely standard and premium channels package. In Premium  TV Channel package they provide 9000 channel with 8000 videos on demand. There are various types of package are available in premium  TV channel packages such as one-month premium package, three-month premium package, six-month premium package, twelve-month premium channels package, and the two-year premium package also for their user and reseller.  They provide good quality of tv channels in IPTV premium package. They provide you tv channel of more than forty countries. If you want to know about more please connect.

They have a variety of offers for reseller and user also. They provide free separate adult channel package with premium package. For the reseller, If you are a  reseller then you will pay only 500 dollars in which you receive 450 credits. The credits will be deducted according to the need of the customer. If reseller provides service to the user for one month then 6 credits, for 3 months then 15 -credits, six months then 25 credits and twelve months for 45 credits will be deducted from the reseller account depending on the requirement of the user.


In reseller panel of the premium channels package reseller can also earn well. For the user, you will connect with our expert on WhatsApp, Skype, and mail only. They were always available to help you 24*7. If you want to know more. Please click here.

Premium channels

How the user determines MIPTV service provider better premium channels service:

Premium channels service is a new service. Premium channels have too many channels. MIPTV services provide you a free trial in order to check our IPTV service. There are more than eight thousand of different countries distributed in the section that you can see in the trial.

Also, you can easily install our IPTV service. If a user wants to try for the premium package and want to know about which IPTV package is suitable for the user. MIPTV services tech support team will guide the user and reseller depending upon the device.first of all, If user uses the android box, Android device or iPhone or iPad then you simply download the IPTV smarter pro that will be available on the google then downloads it from google store and our tech support team will give you an URL, user name and password in order to check about our IPTV service.  You will connect us the support team they give you a trial, all detail or steps in order to use our IPTV service.  User can have we viewing in their pc or any device.

If you face any difficulty while using our IPTV service like your device does not support our IPTV service, When you load the playlist link URL and it would be crashed, When you load the playlist URL it shows downloading error, If some channels were not working in premium IPTV package. Everyone has a different issue. You simply connect through Whatsapp, Skype, and mail also click here for your device configuration A result our technical support team will help you 24*7 in order to solve the issue.