• Fast, easy, and secure transfers direct to a bank account
  • No transfer fee. No hidden fee. It is FREE
  • Select a currency and amount using an online calculator
  • Pay using your bank account or card
  • We apply the real exchange rate – more savings for you

Create a FREE Skrill account in minutes to use the above service. and get a 2% discount.

  • Register for the skrill account.
  • Then verify the email, phone number, and other details
  • After that add the money to your wallet
  • After adding money, then transfer the amount on our skrill wallets
  • Our Skrill wallet address: mtvservicesuk@gmail.com

This process is just a wallet to wallet transfer; it’s a very simple process a just gets 2% off by doing payment through skrill wallets to us.


After the successful payment, the transaction sends the transaction id to info@miptvservices.com