Resellers Premium package $500=450 credits




If you want to select this package and want to know about this premium IPTV package. Firstly this premium IPTV package depending on credits. Here if you want to buy this package. Then we will charge 500 dollars for this package. You will get 450 credits inside it. It is basically depending on credit most of the best IPTV providers want to know about how many users we can add inside this premium package. You will add unlimited users as long as you have credits. Now we take interest to know about how credits are deducted from our IPTV package.





for example, you have paid $500 then 450 credits will show in your panel. and you added 1 user for 1 month then 450 credits – 6 remaining credits will be in your panel 444.

Best IPTV providers want Premium IPTV Package

Most of the best IPTV providers want to know about how credits are deducted from our IPTV package. I think you take interested to know about it also. It should depend upon the requirement of the user. When the user takes one month package from you. Then six credits are deducted from your reseller account. Now four hundred forty-four credits left in your reseller account. If one user can take two packages like one month and three months then how many credits are deducted from your account. For month package six credits and three-month premium package fifteen credits are deducted from the accounts. Now four twenty-nine credits are remaining in your reseller account.

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